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NM Driver's License Practice Test

Does the idea of studying for your permit test leave you feeling stressed and worried? If so, we have the solution - our Cheat Sheets. When preparing for a test, you are only as good as your study guide, and our Cheat Sheet is the best study guide that you can get. It is:

  • Easy to use
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Why risk going to the MVD field office for your permit test only to walk away empty handed? With our Cheat Sheet as your reference guide, you can take your test with confidence! Whether you're taking a NM driver's license practice test or studying for your written exam, we can help.

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New Mexico Driver's License

If you are 15 years old, you can apply for a New Mexico instruction permit. To apply for your permit, you will have to show proof that you have completed or are currently enrolled in a state-approved driver education program, have a parent or guardian's consent, and pass a written knowledge exam if you haven't already completed driver education training. This written test will cover topics including traffic regulations, safe driving techniques, and being able to properly identify road signs. If you are required to take the written knowledge exam, practicing with our Cheat Sheet is a sure-fire way to pass on your FIRST TRY!

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New Mexico Motorcycle License

In the State of New Mexico, there are three separate motorcycle endorsements: W, Y, and Z. It is important to know the difference between these endorsements if you are considering getting a motorcycle license, as some carry restrictions. If you want to operate a standard motorcycle with an engine larger than 100cc, you will want to get a W endorsement. To obtain your motorcycle learner's permit, you can either take a state-approved Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) class or apply at the MVD office. If you take and successfully pass an MSF course, your testing requirements will be waived.

If you apply directly through the motor vehicle department, rather than attending the MSF class, you will have to take a written knowledge test on a variety of subjects, including safe riding techniques, traffic laws, and road signage. You can study for this exam by taking a NM driver's license practice test and referencing our Cheat Sheet guide. Download our Cheat Sheet on your smartphone or tablet and you will have the power of this handy study guide right at your fingertips, at all times! Study in the MVD office right before your test and you're sure to pass!

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New Mexico
Commercial Driver's License

Obtaining your CDL permit will allow you to operate commercial vehicles while supervised. During this period, you can gain invaluable experience and skills, so that when it comes time for your CDL driving test, you can pass with ease. However, you must first obtain your CDL permit - this is where our Cheat Sheet comes in! If you want to get a New Mexico commercial driver's license, let us help.

Our Cheat Sheets contain all of the information that you need, and nothing you don't, to pass your CDL written exams or your NM driver's license practice test. This includes your CDL license exam (Class A, B, or C) as well as individual endorsement exams. Why struggle to find the answers you're looking for in the commercial driver's manual? Though comprehensive, it's also as long as a text book and hardly a convenient study guide. Go with the resource that's been designed to HELP YOU PASS. Go with our Cheat Sheet.

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