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Driver's License Practice Test Questions

Getting your driver's license is a tremendous accomplishment and it can provide you with new opportunities and freedoms. However, driving also involves responsibilities, which is why you must be tested before you can receive an instruction permit, driver's license, or commercial driver's license.

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Idaho Driver's License

If you are a minor, you will be required to earn a supervised instruction permit under Idaho's graduated driver's license program before you can apply for your standard operator's license. To obtain your permit, you will need to show enrollment in a recognized high school or equivalent program, have a parent or guardian's consent, and pass a written knowledge test. The Idaho driver's license test questions will cover traffic laws, road signs by shape and symbol, traffic signals, road markings, vehicle equipment, and safe driving techniques. If you are under 17, you will also have to pass an accredited driver training program.

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Motorcycle License

A motorcycle instruction permit is valid for 180 days. To receive your motorcycle instruction permit, you will need to take and successfully pass a written knowledge test. Similar to the knowledge test for your standard instruction permit, this exam will cover a range of topics, including traffic laws in the State of Idaho, road signage identification, road markings, and safe riding techniques. To study for your motorcycle knowledge test, we recommend that you use our Cheat Sheet - they have the answers to your Idaho driver's license practice test questions!

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Idaho Commercial Driver's License

Are you 18 years old? If so, you can apply for an Idaho commercial driver's license (CDL) permit. With this permit, you can operate a commercial vehicle while supervised throughout the State of Idaho, so long as you are not transporting passengers or hazardous materials. It is the first step to a career as a commercial truck driver, but first, you will have to pass the required tests. To obtain your CDL permit, you will need to pass a written knowledge test for your license type as well as separate written tests for every type of endorsement that you are seeking (air brakes, tanker truck, etc.).

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