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New Mexico Driver's License Test

Using our Cheat Sheet, you can pass your written permit exam or New Mexico driver's license test on your FIRST TRY. This simple yet effective resource is all that you need to prepare for your test. It presents all of the information that you need in a simple, intuitive, and logical fashion, so that you can study efficiently and effectively. Why struggle to find the information you need when you can access it with a glance? That is exactly what our Cheat Sheet provides. We think that the choice is clear, and are confident that you'll agree with us from the very first moment you use your Cheat Sheet. Still not convinced? We have complete confidence that you'll pass the written portion of your New Mexico driver's license test on your first try!

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New Mexico Driver's License Test - The Basics

In the State of New Mexico, you can apply for an instruction permit when you are 15 years of age. In order to obtain your instruction permit, you will need to be either currently enrolled in a state-approved driver education program or demonstrate proof that you have already successfully completed a course; have consent from a parent or legal guardian; pass a vision test, to demonstrate your ability to safely operate a vehicle; and if you haven't undergone driver education training, successfully complete a written knowledge exam. If you are required to take the written test, you will need to answer questions on New Mexico traffic law, safe driving techniques, and road sign shapes and symbols. The best way to prepare for your written knowledge test - be it a permit exam or your New Mexico driver's license test - is with our Cheat Sheet!

Cheat! Take a New Mexico Driver's License Practice Test!

If you are preparing for your written exam, either with the official state driver manual or a New Mexico driver's license practice test, we recommend that you give our Cheat Sheet a try. Our Cheat Sheets are effective and useful resources because they contain ONLY the information that you need to pass your test, and nothing else. The study guide that you use to prepare for a test can play a pivotal role in your success - why use the official driver manual and leave your results up to chance? The New Mexico driver manual is comprehensive, yes, but it's also extremely difficult to study with, thanks to its length. Choose the one resource that will HELP YOU PASS. Choose our Cheat Sheet.