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Massachusetts Driver's License Test

If you're trying to pass your Massachusetts driver's license test or permit exam, let us help you. With our Cheat Sheet, we can give you the tools that you need to pass your test with ease. Informative, comprehensive, convenient, and easy to use, it's the ultimate study guide. View on your smartphone or tablet, and you are never without this resource. Study at the library, during lunch, on the bus, or in the motor vehicle office! Stop studying with the cumbersome official manual and start "cheating," today!

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Massachusetts Driver's License Test - The Basics

In the State of Massachusetts, individuals can apply for their learner's permit at age 16. If you are eligible to apply for your permit, you will be required to show parental or guardian consent and take a written knowledge test before you can receive your driving privileges. The written portion of the licensing process covers Massachusetts traffic laws and road rules, road sign shapes and symbols, and safe driving techniques. The written test - either the Massachusetts driver's license test or permit test - contains 25 questions. A passing grade is 18 or more questions answered correctly. To study for your written knowledge exam, you have several options; you can review the Massachusetts Driver's Manual or take a Massachusetts driver's license practice test, or you can use the best resource that there is - our Cheat Sheet!

Cheat! Take a Massachusetts Driver's License Practice Test!

Why use our Cheat Sheet? It's simple: it presents all of the info that you need to pass your test, and none that you don't, in a simple and easy-to-read format. You don't have to worry about hunting for answers, like you do with the Massachusetts Driver's Manual. Why bother with a study guide that's over 150 pages in length when you can have one that includes everything you need in a simple PDF document? Our Cheat Sheet has been designed to meet your needs, so that you can study quickly, easily, and effectively. Use our Cheat Sheet to study for your test or alongside your MA driver's license practice test, and we are confident that you'll pass on your FIRST TRY!