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We happily offer Cheat Sheets for every type of driver's license, including motorcycle and commercial licenses.

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MA Driver's License Practice Test

Are you in the process of getting your learner's permit, motorcycle license, or commercial driver's license? Why not give yourself the best possible chance of passing your test? Our Cheat Sheets provide you with all of the information that you need to pass your written exams - and nothing you don't. You can take your test with confidence and start driving in no time.

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Order your Cheat Sheet today and you'll have it by your side at all times. Practice at home, on the bus, during lunch, and even right before you take your test at the Registry of Motor Vehicles! Whether preparing for your MA driver's license practice test or the official MA driver's license test, this is the resource for you.

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Massachusetts Driver's License

You can apply for a learner's permit in the State of Massachusetts at age 16. You will need to have parental consent, pay applicable fees, and take a written knowledge test on Massachusetts motor vehicle laws, road signage, and safe driving techniques. This test contains 25 questions and you must answer 18 of the questions correctly in order to pass. To study for this test, you can review the Massachusetts Driver's Manual or take a MA driver's license practice test, but we think that you'll find our Cheat Sheet to be the best resource.

Our Cheat Sheet presents all of the necessary info to pass your test in a simple and concise format. There is no hunting for answers or info, and no thumbing through page after page of content. The Massachusetts Driver's Manual, by comparison, is over 150 pages in length. It's a comprehensive guide but it hasn't been designed to be user-friendly. Our Cheat Sheet is designed with your needs in mind so that you can study effectively. If you use our Cheat Sheet to study for your test, we are certain that you'll pass your test on your FIRST TRY.

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Massachusetts Motorcycle License

Individuals 16 years of age and older can apply for a motorcycle permit in the State of Massachusetts; however, if you are under 18 years of age you will be required to take and successfully complete the Massachusetts Rider Education Program (MREP). Passing this course will waive your need to take the skills test when applying for your permit or license. You will still be required to take the knowledge exam, though, which can be difficult to pass if you don't properly prepare for it.

Consisting of 25 questions on traffic law and safe riding techniques, the knowledge exam is designed to test your understanding of the various rules and risks that are unique to motorcyclists. You must correctly answer 18 questions or more in order to pass. With our Cheat Sheet at your side, you will have all of the info that you need to ace this exam.

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Commercial Driver's License

You can apply for an intrastate, Massachusetts commercial driver's license (CDL) permit at the age of 18, assuming you have not had your driving privileges previously taken away from you. As part of the application process, you will soon be required (beginning January 30, 2014) to self-certify which types of vehicles you intend to drive (Class), what type of commerce you intend to undertake (interstate or intrastate), and any conditions that would require a medical card. If you are not yet 18 but are planning on pursuing your commercial license in the future, it is important to be mindful of this.

In order to obtain your commercial permit, you will have to pass a written knowledge test. There are additional written tests for any endorsements that you may be interested in adding to your CDL (such as hazardous materials, passengers, air brakes, tanker trucks, etc.). The general knowledge written test consists of 50 questions and it must be completed in 60 minutes or less. A passing score is 40 or more questions answered correctly. Studying for this exam is of the utmost importance; one of the best ways to study is taking a MA driver's license practice test and using our Cheat Sheet as your reference guide!

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