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Commercial Driver's License

A Pennsylvania commercial driver's license will allow you to start earning a living as a commercial driver, but before you can start your new career, you will have to complete the licensing process. If you don't take all of the necessary steps to ensure your success, there is a real risk of failure. Our Cheat Sheet is the resource you need to pass your license tests with ease. This study guide is convenient and comprehensive, so that you can study effectively. Why settle for anything less? Ditch the official study manual, pick up our Cheat Sheet, and take your license test with confidence. With our Cheat Sheet by your side, you'll have your Pennsylvania commercial driver's license before you know it!


Pennsylvania Commercial Driver's License Test - The Basics

Unlike many other states, residents of Pennsylvania can apply for a CDL permit even if they do not possess a standard driver's license. In order to obtain your Pennsylvania commercial driver's license, you must be at least 18 years old, and will be required to complete several steps:

  • Obtain a Knowledge Test Authorization
  • Self-certify what type of vehicle you intend to drive
  • Self-certify the type of commerce you intend to conduct (intrastate or interstate)

You will then have to pass a written knowledge test, at which point a CDL learner's permit will be issued. To pass the written knowledge test on your FIRST TRY, use our Cheat Sheet. Using this resource, you will have all of the info you need to answer the test questions with ease.

Cheat! Take a Pennsylvania CDL Practice Test!

You have several options when it comes to studying for your CDL test. You can use the Pennsylvania Commercial Driver's License Manual, but why would you? It's simply too long and complicated to be a useful study guide. We recommend an alternative: study with our Cheat Sheets and take a Pennsylvania commercial driver's license practice test. This simple two-step process will familiarize you with the test layout, test questions, and the topics covered on the test. What more could you possibly want covered in a study guide?