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NJ Driver's License Test

Do you want to pass your NJ driver's license test on your first try? We can help you. Our Cheat Sheet is designed to be an effective, convenient, user-friendly resource that you can use to study for your written permit test or driver's license exam. Accessible on smartphones, tablets, and the computer, you can study at your own convenience, nearly anywhere. Ditch the official driver manual and start "cheating," with our Cheat Sheets. We are confident that you'll pass your New Jersey driver's license test or permit exam on your first try.

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NJ Driver's License Test - The Basics

The State of New Jersey requires that drivers less than 21 years of age start with a graduated driver's license. If you are a minor, you can apply for a learner's permit at 16 years of age. Before you can receive your learner's permit, however, you will have to pass a written permit exam. Consisting of 50 questions on New Jersey traffic law, safe driving techniques, and other topics, the test must be completed with at least 80 percent of the questions answered correctly in order to pass. This learner's permit must be maintained for at least six months before you are able to upgrade to a provisional license. The second phase of the GDL process, the provisional license, will remain valid until you turn 18, at which point you can upgrade to a basic driver license by passing the official New Jersey driver's license test.

Cheat! Take a New Jersey Driver's License Practice Test!

So how should you prepare for your NJ driver's license test? Well, one way to prepare is with the New Jersey Driver Manual. However, at nearly 200 pages in length, this resource is hardly a convenient one. In fact, it can be quite difficult find the information that you're seeking. We recommend that you use our Cheat Sheet to prepare for your test. Effective both as a study guide and a quick reference guide, our Cheat Sheet is a terrific resource that is convenient, easy to use, and perhaps most importantly, effective. Providing all of the information that you need to pass your test, and nothing you don't, our Cheat Sheet is an attractive alternative to the official driver manual, and we think you'll appreciate the difference.