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Nebraska Driver's License Test

Passing your Nebraska driver's license test can be a real challenge. The test covers a wide variety of topics, you will likely feel under pressure during the exam, and to pass the test will require answering the majority of the questions correctly. To put it in perspective, you can't pass your Nebraska driver's license test or permit exam with a 'C' or 'D' grade - you need to get an 'A' or a 'B'! To ensure that you pass this test on your FIRST TRY, study with our Cheat Sheet. This one handy resource is all that you need to pass your test with ease - start enjoying driving privileges sooner rather than later!

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Nebraska Driver's License Test - The Basics

Like most states, Nebraska has a graduated driver's license (GDL) program. Minors are required to obtain a learner's permit (LP) before they can move up the graduated ladder and get their provisional operator's permit (POP). Once a minor has held a POP for one year, he or she can then apply for the standard operator's permit at age 17. If this describes you, let us help.

You must be at least 15 years of age to apply for your learner's permit, though exceptions can be made, depending on circumstances. If you meet certain criteria, you can apply for a school learner's permit (LPE) at age 14. With this permit, you will be allowed to practice for a school permit (SCP), which is issued to individuals who require transportation to and from school. To obtain your LP, POP, LPE, SCP, or your standard operator's permit, you will need to take a written knowledge test covering Nebraska traffic law, safe driving techniques, and road signage. Using our Cheat Sheet, you can pass your permit exam or Nebraska driver's license test with ease!

Cheat! Take a Nebraska Driver's License Practice Test!

Whether you are studying for a permit exam or your Nebraska driver's license test, we can help you pass your knowledge test on your FIRST TRY. Our Cheat Sheet presents you will all of the information that you need to pass your test, and nothing more, right at your fingertips. If you are studying for your exam or taking a Nebraska driver's license practice test, we think you will find our Cheat Sheet to be a tremendously beneficial and helpful resource. Ditch the study manual and start "cheating" today!