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Hawaii Commercial Driver's License Test

The process of getting your commercial driver's license in the State of Hawaii is unique. Even though driving is limited to within state (and island) boundaries, drivers must still meet the federal requirements for operating a commercial vehicle on interstate highways and be 21 years of age. If you are a Hawaii resident who is interested in a commercial driving career, let us help you pass your Hawaii commercial driver's license test. Our Cheat Sheet is the one resource you need.


Hawaii Commercial Driver's License Test - The Basics

As discussed above, individuals seeking a CDL permit in the State of Hawaii must be 21 years of age or older and possess a valid Hawaii driver's license. Unlike every other state in the country, there is no intrastate option for individuals ages 18-21. If you meet the requirements, you will have to self-certify the type of license that you are seeking, the type of commerce you will be conducting, and whether you meet any applicable medical requirements. Once you have declared your intentions, you will take a written knowledge test on trucking regulations, Hawaii traffic laws, safe driving techniques, and other related subjects. If you are preparing to take your Hawaii commercial driver's license test, let us help.

Cheat! Take a Hawaii CDL Practice Test!

To prepare for your written knowledge exams, we recommend that you use our Cheat Sheet study guide, in conjunction with a Hawaii CDL practice test. This two-pronged approach will help you familiarize yourself with the test subject matter and the test format, so that you can take your Hawaii commercial driver's license test with confidence. If you are in the process of obtaining your CDL, don't leave your results up to chance. Give yourself the best chance of success - approach your test prepared and ready to pass!