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Florida Driver's License Test

Passing your Florida driver's license test can be difficult. Even if you pore through the official driver manual over and over, or take multiple Florida driver license practice tests, there's still no promise that you'll pass your written exam on your first try. If you use our Cheat Sheet, however, we are certain that you pass on your first try! We are that confident in our study guide. So give yourself the best chance for success - stop studying and start "cheating," today!

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Florida Driver's License Test - The Basics

Like most states, the State of Florida has a graduated driver license program. For individuals who are getting their driver's license for the first time, the state requires that they first obtain a Florida learner's permit. If you are a minor getting your license for the first time, this means you. Before you can get your Class E Learner's Permit, you will first have to take and successfully complete a 4-hour Traffic Safety Laws and Substance Abuse (TLSAE) course, commonly referred to as the Drug and Alcohol Course. Additionally, you will need to pass a written knowledge exam covering Florida traffic law, safe driving techniques, and road signage identification. Passing this test can be difficult if you haven't studied ahead of time, which is why we offer our Cheat Sheets. This handy resource and quick reference guide is the ultimate source of information on your Florida driver's license test.

Cheat! Take a Florida Driver's License Practice Test!

If you want to pass your Florida driver's license test or permit test on your FIRST TRY, we strongly encourage you to use our Cheat Sheet. Our Cheat Sheets allow you to access the information that you need to successfully pass your test on a computer, smartphone, or network-enabled tablet. Once you have selected the Cheat Sheet that you need, you will be granted access to our website, where you can login and view your Cheat Sheet in PDF format. Like a Florida driver's license practice test, you can use this resource to prepare and practice as much as you need. And because it's online, you can access it anywhere you have an Internet connection! Use this guide to study for your Florida driver's license test - you will not be disappointed.